How Do I Use SportSesh?

There’s three main things you can do on SportSesh:

1. Check the Fixtures

If you don’t know what fixtures are being televised, or what channel they’re on, check the Fixtures page.

2. Find Bars near you

Use the Bars page to find local sports bars, wherever you are. Simply enter the postcode and search radius (in miles). You can filter results by the sports channels available at the bar (e.g. BT Sport). 

All bars have their own page on SportSesh, providing details of their location, the fixtures they’re showing, and upcoming Fan Events they’re hosting.

3. Connect with Other Fans

Use the Fan Events page to find local meetups for fans of your team. You can search Fan Events by team and/or postcode. 

To find other fans of your kind, use the Fan Finder search tool.

If you want see who’s attending events, and to connect with other fans through the SportSesh News Feed, you’ll need to register.


What locations does SportSesh cover?

Our Bar Finder and Fan Events currently cover central locations in several major UK cities. 

We’ll be expanding our coverage to include city suburbs, as well as many other key locations spread across the UK.

Ultimately we envisage that SportSesh users could visit any new or unfamiliar location, and find a local bar to watch their fixture.


Is SportSesh Free?

Absolutely. All the information we provide on our site is free of charge.

We have no intentions of charging members for anything.


Why not just use Facebook or Google to find out where sport is showing?

You could use them. But it requires unnecessary effort to check the fixtures, confirm the channel you need, and find potential bars in your area, every time your team is televised.

SportSesh eliminates the need to research anything whatsoever. Within seconds you’ll be en-route to a local bar showing the game you want.


How do I find other fans using SportSesh?

You can attend Fan Events at local venues allocated to your team.

Alternatively, you can use our Fan Finder to search for fellow fans — no matter how obscure the team/location combination. Southampton fan based in Newcastle? No problem! 

We encourage our members to follow and message like-minded fans. 


Is SportSesh a social network?

We’re primarily about connecting sports fans in as many ways as possible. We realise that socialising doesn’t have to start, or stop, at the pub.

So we offer all the functionality of a social network — including a profile page, News Feed, instant messaging, the ability to write wallposts and comments, as well as ‘like’ other content. This enables our members to establish fan friendships both online and offline.


I can already talk sport on social media sites. Why use SportSesh?

Social networks like Twitter are a great for connecting you with like-minded fans worldwide. But they’re not designed to connect you to local fans in your area.

Popular social networks are also clouded with other content (and spam).

SportSesh is a smaller site for sports fans. No politics. No business talk. No cat videos. Just pure sport.


Does Every Televised Fixture Have A Fan Event?

In our bid to unite common fans we’re currently listing Fan Events on every Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup football fixture at locations spread across the UK’s largest cities.

Note: all current Fan Events are recommendations. They’re not exclusive, booked events. Bars are allocated based on their suitability. Attendances depend entirely on interest - which can be measured by the number of SportSesh members who confirmed they're going.

Our eventual aim is to list an array of pre-booked Fan Events (e.g. run by fan clubs), across a range of sports. This will provide a central point for common fans to meet up on every televised game. 

With enough active SportSesh users, we’ll bring together fans within local areas. 


How Many Bars host Fan Events?

There’s always at least one home and one away bar listed for every eligible fixture, in every major city (so two bars in total).

For example, if Everton are playing Chelsea then every major city will have two recommended bars — one for each set of fans.

For extremely popular fixtures, such as Manchester United v Liverpool, more than one venue could be listed for the same set of fans in one city (e.g. multiple venues for Man United fans in London). It all depends on the popularity of the fixture.


What about ‘mixed’ fan events?

For certain fixtures — such as the North London Derby — where there’s a huge demand for rival fans attending a shared venue, we list mixed fan games.

However, for more niche fan groups — such as Peru fans looking to watch an International in Bristol —  there’s a real need to unite as many common fans as possible!  


How can I be sure other fans will attend an event?

You can check an event listing to see who’s put themselves down as going. That’ll give you an idea of its popularity. But there’s really no telling exactly how many fans will show up.

Note: public bars are open to anyone. So there’s always a chance some rival fans will be there, too.


Is SportSesh affiliated with bars and pubs?

We recommend public venues to our members based solely on their suitability — location, atmosphere, sound quality, number of TVs etc. The information we provide is free.

In the future we’ll be looking to establish partnerships with public venues, where we can offer our members exclusive drinks deals and promotions. 

We envisage that bars will use SportSesh to connect with sports fans groups, to keep them up-to-date with exactly what they’re offering, and what events they have going on.